AIRYLAND is introducing the first micro real estate investment opportunity with macro returns. Renting out AIRYLAND units in strategic locations worldwide is the core of the AIRYLAND business. The business model is designed to run on Blockchain technology which is assuring complete transparency. It is also much safer, faster and more cost-effective while taking out the middleman. The conventional worldwide real estate business model requires a company to build individual infrastructure, incorporate sister companies and bank accounts around the world to support their business. In contrast, our proposed model eliminates the typically slow pace of infrastructure development, limits bureaucracy to a bare minimum, cuts most of the costs and completely removes the need for legal support and business audit. With Blockchain technology everything becomes transparent, meaning you know at every moment where your funds are, you have a complete overview of your funds balance and maximum liquidity.

AIRYLAND will have its own ecosystem. In the ecosystem, there will be four main stakeholders aside from AIRYLAND itself. These four main stakeholders are Investors, Landlords, Partners, and Travellers.